10 is hiring people moving up: Media Planner/Account Manager & Creative team

In our quest for world domination (Benelux for starters), 10 is looking to hire a creative team with 5 years of experience looking for their first real “senior” job and an experienced Media Planner who is passionate about servicing and advising clients directly.

Send your CV-story and a text about what makes you tick to denis@10.be and include when you are available for an interview.

About the creative team

A strong copy and a crossmedia art director. Together as a 1 + 1 = 3 team. Able to deliver a fast sketched stream of ideas to reviews and state-of the art presentations and execution. Bring it on.

About the MediaPlannerAccountmanager

A skilled mediaplanner with omnichannel experience who wants to grow in end-to-end mediaplanning: buying, advise and media client follow-up.


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