Welcome to 10.

Are we an advertising agency?
Good question. To answer it, we should start by defining the advertising agency of today. Well, let’s not do that. Yep, advertising has changed. Media have changed. Everything is media. Or nothing. Online is key and print is dead. Whatever. Advertising has always struggled with new media coming up. One thing has remained the same. If you say something interesting, you will be heard. No matter what media, channel or device people use to connect to the world and to each other. And therefore, you need ideas.

Creative ideas for growth.

Creative. Yes, creativity is an essential part of what we do. Looking at things differently, seeing new ways to tackle problems, saying something in a different way. Very often, a new angle is all it takes to solve a problem. Only a trained mind has the ability to keep looking for angles, until the right one is found.

It’s what we deliver. It’s what you call us for. And these ideas can be anything. Yes, often it will be some kind of communication. A tv-commercial or an online campaign. But it might also be something completely different. Like an innovative media strategy. Or a new product. Or maybe our idea will be to do nothing at all.

For growth. In general, we will work on ideas that grow your business. To cut costs or to work more ecologically, there are other companies to help you out. But if you insist, we would love to think about this kind of things to. But let’s say we’re at our best when we can work on ideas that help you connect with your target group, when we need to find the hot spot of your clients, when we are looking that one angle that opens up all the rest.

Does this sound like a whole lot of blabla to you?

Just contact us and we show it to you.